Located in the iconic Golden Triangle in Beverly Hills, English Rabbit is a luxury children's boutique known for its unique, curated selection of designer brands such as Gucci and Missoni as well as many other European labels. English Rabbit sought to create an elevated and clean direct-to-consumer, eCommerce experience that aligns with the thoughtful experience received in store.

Partnering with English Rabbit owners, we expanded the in-store branding, establishing all online brand assets and style guidelines to allow translation for the web. We then leveraged the Shopify platform, adding custom features such as advanced filters, color swatch selection and gifting to allow prospective shoppers to quickly find their favorite brands and intuitively discover new styles, accessories or toys.

Through ongoing marketing efforts managed by MASON such as promotional calendar creation and management, email marketing and digital advertising, English Rabbit has created a new stream of revenue and even better, profit.
Audience Development
Branded eCommerce (Shopify)
UX/UI Design

English Rabbit

I cannot thank the MASON team enough for all of their time and talent during the creation of our store. Even more so, their relentless patience and enthusiasm for the project and our company as a whole has been priceless and there are no words that can express how thankful I am. I cannot imagine a better team to have worked with us....and I thank them for absolutely everything.
- Kelly Dowdy, Owner, English Rabbit
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