For many Business Owners, data can be intimidating. HER DATA METHOD empowers female business owners to tame and leverage data to make more informed decisions. Through their online courses, they help definitively answer business's who, what, where and why.

Our challenge was to create a refined, cohesive design system to better position the brand to scale their business and expand their audience. Alongside co-founders Shannon Ware and Melody Jennings Bowers, we envisioned a brand experience that was expressive and approachable. The design system is comprised of organic elements, the data vibration, and the highlight mark. All symbolizing the diversity, organization, and prioritization of data. Together, we then applied this system across the website and social channels.
Art Direction
Visual Identity
UX/UI Design


"From the color palette, the font, and the unique design elements, they made something that truly aligned with the personality of our brand."
- Shannon Ware, Co-Founder of HER DATA METHOD
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