Michelle Wenke, Co-Founder/Owner, MONROW
Michelle Wenke, Co-Founder/Owner, MONROW
MASON Collective is a full-service creative and marketing agency that has been obsessively creating brands, campaigns and experiences since 2017. Our team is made up of talented creatives including creative producers, marketing strategists, advertising specialists, website developers, and digital technicians.

Committed to producing really great work with really great clients, team MASON is led by principals/co-owners Bobby Barrett and Jillian McTigue. Having been in various strategic and creative roles within internal marketing teams, advertising agencies, media houses and publications, the duo brings their creative talents and problem solving mindsets to inspire the best possible results from their team and for their clients.

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What we do
– Campaign Strategy
– Campaign Development
– Advertising
– Social Media
– Audience Development
– Audience Experience
– Creative Direction
– Art Direction
– Brand Strategy
– Visual Identity
– Environment & Retail Design
– UX / UI Design
– Graphic Design
– Photo & Video Concept
– Branded eCommerce
– Branded Website
– Interactive
– Copywriting
– Brand Communications
– Photography
– Video
– Animation
– Illustration
We're here to do really great work, with really great people, like you.
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